HDP: Will of 4 Million People Disregarded

Sharing a message for the Republic Day, HDP has referred to appointment of trustees to its municipalities, underlining that the usurpation of 19 municipalities by disregarding the will of 4 million people demonstrates the need for democratizing the republic."

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chairs Pervin Buldan and Sezai Temelli have released a written statement on the occasion of October 29 Republic of Turkey. Referring to the appointment of trustees to its municipalities, the Co-Chairs stated the following in brief:

'Will of 4 million people have been disregarded'

"As a residue of the past 96 years, Turkey is now faced with very serious structural crises. The consequences of diverting from the pluralist character of the 1920 Parliament and democratic spirit of 1921 Constitution and being caught between the monist government understandings of the Unionist mind have led to a lot more social, political and economic problems than before.

"The current mindset of government, which introduces policies rejecting and denying national and religious identities' demands for rights, attempting to undermine women's struggle for freedom and speeding up ecological destruction, is proceeding in a way to prove that Turkey's peoples and a democratic Republic are needed more than ever before.

"The appointment of a trustee to Cizre on the 96th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic and usurpation of 19 municipalities by disregarding the will of almost 4 million people till today demonstrates the need for democratizing the republic.

'There is a need for peace and democracy'

"No matter how hard the current power holders insist on their toxic language and policies of war to remain in power, the peoples of Turkey do not need any more enemies, others or unfounded perceptions of threat; they need more friends, a will of living together, democracy, peace and justice.

"As the Republic is nearing its 100th year, it is the duty of us all to bring Democratic Republic into existence. As the HDP, we are once again announcing it to all peoples of Turkey that we will raise our struggle to democratize the Republic on the basis of Democratic Constitution, free citizens and universal law."

Source: English Bianet