HDP Submits Inquiry Regarding Data on and Causes of Femicides

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Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) İstanbul MP Züleyha Gülüm has submitted a parliamentary inquiry for the investigation of femicides and violence against women.

Stating that she submitted the inquiry so that the real numbers regarding femicides and violence against women could be revealed and effective and deterrent measures could be taken, Gülüm has said,

“According to the İstanbul Convention, of which Turkey was one of the first signatories, compilation of data regarding femicides and revealing the causes of the murders are a duty of the state.

“Nevertheless, accessing reliable data regarding femicides and violence against women has nearly become impossible.”

Data from Ministry of Justice

According to the data Gülüm shared in her inquiry, citing the Ministry of Justice, 133,809 women were subjected to violence in 2017.

96,417 women were subjected to violence in the first seven months of 2018.

Data from bianet

According to the data bianet has compiled from national newspapers, news websites and news agencies and published today (January 9);

Men killed at least 255 women and 17 children, including babies in 2018.

Men injured at least 380 women in 2018.

Men killed at least 286 women and girls, injured at least 486 women in 2017. (AÖ/VK)

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