HDP on İstanbul Elections: One Man Rule Collapsed

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HDP Co-Chair Sezai Temelli said it was their party’s voters who made the difference in the elections.

“It is needed to evaluate these results beyond the elections. The voters’ reactions have been reflected on the ballot box. Those who want peace, democracy and freedom once again cast their votes. The voters gave us a message.

“They said society is sided with peace and they want peace. Those who prefer peace won. From now on, we think we will develop the alliance of democracy that was reflected on the ballot box. The results say we will continue to develop the alliance of democracy. We will work to develop the alliance of democracy.

“Turkey needs the alliance of democracy. These election results showed this once again. From now on, we will continue with those who want democracy and peace.”

MP Garo Paylan said that the HDP voters went to the polling stations “with more determination.”

“Now, we must work for a pluralist democracy. We must continue our struggle for democracy without thinking about who won and who lost.

“There was much speculation about the HDP voters. Now, we should leave aside who supports HDP, CHP, AKP, or İYİ (Good) Party. The one-man rule has collapsed in Turkey. We must repair the democracy. From tomorrow, we must work for all the people of Turkey, be it Kurds, Turks, Armenians.” (PT/EMK/VK)