HDP Co-Chair Temelli: Torture is Everywhere

"They can't govern. Because that can't govern, they utilize violence as the only tool," Temelli has said, targeting the government.

Torture in detention has recently become systematic in Turkey, according to Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Sezai Temelli.

Amid claims of torture on politicians and journalists, Minister of Interior Suleyman Soylu had said the government had a "zero-tolerance policy" towards torture.

Referring to the minister's remarks, Temelli said it was documented that the members of the HDP Istanbul Youth Assembly were subjected to a strip search and beating.

"Let me recall the Sahin family in Van. The photos about what that family experienced are still in our memories. The torture against villagers who were collecting mushrooms in Gevas, the torture against 54 people in Halfeti...

"These are a few of the cases of torture that come into our heads. In the recent period of the government, torture has almost become systematic. The society is facing every kind of torture."

Torture and rights violations are common in prisons, Temelli said, adding that ill prisoners are in an "unbearable" situation.

Temelli also directly targeted Soylu, saying he is "imposing violence on society" and "dividing the peoples."

"They can't govern. Because that can't govern, they utilize violence as the only tool. Yes, the state is the monopoly of violence, it holds this monopoly. But the reason for this is to create social peace, to create a climate of nonviolence.

"Today, the government, with the monopoly of violence it holds, has launched a war against society. It has launched a war on the Kurds, women, laborers, nature."

Source: English Bianet