HDP CO-CHAIR PERVİN BULDAN: ‘If Our Objection in Muş is Not Accepted, We Will Appeal to Constitutional Court, ECtHR’

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  • April 3, 2019
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After the objections of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) against the unofficial local election results in Muş have been rejected, HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan has denounced the rejection of the provincial election council.

Buldan has said, “If our objections in Muş are not accepted, we will appeal to Constitutional Court and European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

Making a statement regarding the situation in Muş, HDP’s mayor candidate Sırrı Sakık previously stated that they detected errors in 103 ballot boxes. Adding that 2,500 votes were declared invalid, he also announced that they objected to the results at the Provincial Election Council.

The Governorship of Muş has also banned all assemblies, marches, demonstrations and statements for the press in the province for 15 days.

CLICK – Governorship Bans Assemblies in Muş for 15 Days

After the request for recounting of votes in Muş center has been rejected by the Muş Provincial Election Council. HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan and HDP MPs Hüda Kaya and Garo Paylan has gone to Muş and held a statement for the press with their mayor candidate Sakık.

‘Our five objections not taken into consideration’

Sırrı Sakık has emphasized that though they raised objections against the unofficial local election results in Muş for five times, none of their objections has been taken into consideration.

Taking the floor after Sakık, Buldan has made the following remarks:

“They say that HDP has lost the elections in several places. But, we have not lost the elections anywhere. Our votes and municipalities have been seized everywhere. At a time when 12 thousand voters are transferred to Şırnak, which is way higher than the actual number of voters in the province, no one can say that HDP has lost the elections.

“They are using the same method today in Muş. We came to Muş yesterday and as far as we are informed, the fact that there is a margin of 538 votes in Muş center and the number of invalid votes is over 2 thousand 449 shows us that there is a deceit and there are stolen votes.

‘Objections of AKP accepted, those of HDP not’

“Even though our friends have presented very clear data and documents, no objection raised by the HDP has been accepted. But, for instance, in the town of Kızılağaç, where the AKP has lost and the Felicity Party (SP) have won, AKP’s objection has been accepted.

“However, in Muş center and in Malazgirt, which is lost only by a margin of 3 votes, the objection of the HDP has not been accepted.

“Yes, today, while the objections raised by the AKP across Turkey are accepted and votes are counted again, the objections of the HDP are rejected without showing any justifications.

“Here, we have seen once again that the law, justice and conscience are disregarded. We have seen it all together that there is no law, justice or conscience in Turkey. We will continue to make our appeals at the Constitutional Court and at the ECtHR everywhere, particularly in Muş.” (AÖ/SD)