HB?M Group Claims Forest Fires in Istanbul, Mugla

The Peoples' United Revenge Militia (HBIM) has announced that it burned the forests in an "act of sabotage." HDP MP Ahmet Sik has reacted, "Attacking trees, water, nature is also hostility towards the people."

Fires broke out in the Aydos Forest in Kartal, Istanbul and woods in Dalaman in the western province of Mugla last week, razing 400 hectares of forest.

The HBIM said that it burned the forest in a response to "occupation attacks and the massacre of nature in Kurdistan," the Firat News Agency (ANF) reported.

Ahmet Sik from the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) denounced the act on Twitter, saying, "Attacking trees, water, nature is also hostility towards the people."

Cenk Yigiter, an Academic for Peace who was discharged from the Ankara University, also tweeted on the attack: "A group named ' Peoples' United Revenge Militia' claimed the forest fires in Mugla and Istanbul. This is cowardice, enmity towards the people, a massacre of nature, an assassination of the future of all of us."

The HBIM group also claimed the fires broke out on July 1 in Datca, Mugla, where 5 hectares of forest razed and on July 4 in Erbaa in the central province of Tokat.

Source: English Bianet