Hakim from Iran: lifting sanctions on Iran lured in projects

NNA – Economy and Trade Minister Alain Hakim said on Tuesday that lifting the economic sanctions on Iran made the country a magnet for investments as for developmental and reform projects.

Hakim concluded today the seventh tour of the Lebanese-Iranian Economic Committee.

In his word during the conference, the Minister said that many positive recommendations have emerged en route for boosting ties between Lebanon and Iran.

Hakim said that there was an important Lebanese-Iranian unanimity over the handled topics.

“The committee agreed on the script of the preferential trade agreement that lays the primary principles aiming to liberating trade and upping the size of exchange between our countries,” he added.

Hakim affirmed that Lebanon might have a major role in the future in terms of exchanging expertise in power sector in terms of encouraging Iranian companies to partake in future power projects.

“We have been calling for separating politics and economy,” he explained.

Concluding his speech, the Minister hoped for a broad participation in answering the needs of both people to development and prosperity.