Global environmental disasters in October 2022

The world witnessed several unexpected environmental developments and disasters in October, including floods in Australia and South Sudan, heavy rain and deadly landslides in Venezuela and Cambodia, and cyclone in Bangladesh as well as powerful storms in Nicaragua and the Philippines and a hurricane in the US.

Below is a timeline compiled by Anadolu Agency:

Oct. 3:

At least 83 people die in the wake of Hurricane Ian, which tore through the US state of Florida.

Oct. 4:

Effective dust storm affects daily life of people living in Türkiye's southern provinces.

Oct. 6:

Eight people drown and several others go missing after flash floods sweep away a large number of people celebrating a Hindu festival in India's eastern state of West Bengal.

Oct. 7:

The southeastern Australian state of Victoria is hit by flash floods, causing damage to properties in some areas.

Oct. 9:

Tropical Storm Julia becomes a hurricane as it passes the Colombian islands and headed to Nicaragua.

Oct. 10:

At least 21 people are killed in rain-related incidents in the last 48 hours as heavy rains lash parts of north India.

A landslide caused by heavy rainfall leaves at least 36 people dead and 56 missing in central Venezuela.

Seventy-six people die after boat capsizes due to heavy flooding in Anambra, southeastern Nigeria.

Oct. 12:

At least 16 people are killed and 17 others go missing in flood and landslide-related incidents across Nepal.

The death toll from floods triggered by heavy rain in South Sudan rises to 62.

Oct. 14:

Hundreds of families are displaced by flooding in the Australian state of Victoria, which has seen the worst flooding in five decades.

The death toll from landslides and floods in northcentral Venezuela rises to 50.

Oct. 15:

The recovery of a 14-year-old student's body brings the death toll in a boat accident, which occurred after rising water levels due to heavy rains in southeast Cambodia, to 11.

Oct. 16:

Rescue workers on the Greek island of Crete discover the body of a missing woman that had been swept away by floodwaters caused by torrential rains.

Oct. 19:

President Nicolas Maduro says at least three people are killed after heavy rainfall triggered a landslide in Aragua in northern Venezuela.

Oct. 24:

Australian states New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania are hit by heavy rains that caused flash floods in several areas.

Oct. 25:

At least 22 people are reportedly killed across Bangladesh after Cyclone Sitrang struck the country, forcing around 10 million people to shift to safer areas, while tens of thousands remain marooned awaiting the government's help.

Mexican authorities reports three deaths and moderate damage following Hurricane Roslyn's arrival.

Oct. 26:

The death toll from Cyclone Sitrang that swept Bangladesh rises to 35, causing huge damage across the country.

Oct. 29:

At least 45 people are killed after tropical storm Paeng, internationally known as Nalgae, swept through the southern Philippines, triggering floods and landslides.

Oct. 31:

The death toll from the ongoing tropical storm Paeng or Nalgae in the Philippines climbs to 98.

Source: Anadolu Agency