Germany’s Scholz urges unity, energy saving in New Year message

Russia's war on Ukraine is a "tough" test for Germany, the nation's chancellor said on Saturday, urging people to stay united and continue their energy-saving drive.

In his televised New Year's message, Olaf Scholz praised the public's efforts to save energy amid the war-driven energy crisis.

He called on Germans to "continue to hold together in the coming year."

Many people were worried about the Russia-Ukraine war, he said, adding that everyone felt the consequences of the conflict in their daily life – while shopping at the supermarket and the gas station, or paying their electricity and gas bills.

Scholz, however, stated the story of 2022 is not just about war, pain and anxiety. He said when Russia turned off the gas taps, Germany did not succumb to it.

The German chancellor emphasized that new liquefied gas terminals will open so that Germany and Europe will be independent of Russian gas.

He urged the public to continue saving energy, saying that the gas tanks are full thanks to energy saved in recent months.

"This (saving drive) will be important in the coming months as well. For that, I want to thank you today," Scholz said.

Source: Anadolu Agency