Germany’s Jewish community fears rise in antisemitic attacks in winter

Germany’s Jewish community on Tuesday warned against rising antisemitism in the country due to the energy crisis and skyrocketing prices.

“The Central Council of Jews in Germany is gravely concerned about a further increase in antisemitism during the winter months,” Mark Dainow, vice president of the group, told a press conference in Berlin.

He said they are worried that the right-wing extremists may exploit the crisis to stir up fear and hatred against Jews in Germany.

“Rising energy prices will be a severe test for unity in our country. During uncertain times people are seeking answers through simplistic ideologies and conspiracy theories,” he said.

Dainow said between January and September this year, German authorities registered more than 1,555 antisemitic incidents.

“Five anti-Jewish crimes every day in Germany,” he said, adding that the figure is a source of serious concern for the community.

According to official statistics, nearly 85% of antisemitic crimes in Germany were committed by right-wing extremists in 2021.

Germany is facing the biggest energy crisis ever due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, which led to disruptions in the oil and gas supply and pushed energy and food prices to record highs.

Authorities have been warning that far-right groups are trying to profit from the crisis, they are spreading fake news to fuel anxieties, and incite hatred against refugees, migrants, Jews, and Muslims in Germany.

Source: Anadolu Agency