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Germany: It’s up to Ukraine to decide on time for peace talks with Russia

It is up to Ukraine to decide when and under what circumstances to hold peace negotiations with Russia, Germany said on Monday.

"The German government's position has not changed, namely that it is up to Ukraine to decide when and under what conditions to start talks with Russia about a possible peace solution," government spokesperson Christiane Hoffmann told a weekly press briefing.

Asked about US media reports that Washington has privately pressed Ukraine to signal it is open to talks with Russia, after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy ruled out negotiations as long as Russian President Vladimir Putin stays in power, Hoffman replied, "I can only say that we have taken note of these reports and we see a basic willingness on the part of the Ukrainians to hold talks."

On Russia’s reluctance to take part in peace negotiations, she said: "So far we have not had the willingness of the Russian side to actually engage in talks."

Hoffmann also "condemned in the strongest possible terms" the ongoing Russian bombing campaign against Ukraine in the war’s ninth month.

Source: Anadolu Agency