Germany ‘indirectly’ involved in Ukraine war, new defense minister says

Germany is “indirectly” involved in the war in Ukraine, the country’s defense minister-designate Boris Pistorius said on Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters in Hannover, the veteran politician said he is aware of the responsibility placed on his shoulders.

"The defense ministry is a major challenge even in peacetime, and in times when the Federal Republic of Germany is involved in a war, indirectly, this is even more the case,” he said.

Pistorius said he will work to strengthen the German armed forces, and make it capable of addressing new security challenges.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Tuesday picked the Social Democrat politician as the country’s new defense minister, following close consultations with his party colleagues.

Pistorius has been the interior minister of the federal state of Lower Saxony since 2013, and previously served as the mayor of Osnabruck city.

The new minister will receive his certificate of appointment from President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday, and take his oath of office in parliament the same day.

The 62-year-old politician will replace Christine Lambrecht, who resigned from her post on Monday following a series of fiascos and policy failures.

Lambrecht was widely criticized by the opposition parties for failing to show leadership, neglecting the severe problems of the armed forces, and being slow with weapons deliveries to Ukraine.

Source: Anadolu Agency