Gambia: Barrow addresses lawmakers for 1st time

BANJUL, Gambia

Gambian President Adama Barrow has said that his government had released over 500 prisoners since he came to power, succeeding former autocratic ruler Yahya Jammeh.

The Gambian president made his first appearance before the country's lawmakers on Monday to outline his reforms and policy agenda for the 2016 legislative year.

Over 500 prisoners have been pardoned and we have delivered on our promise to decongest prisons by releasing political and other deserving reformed prisoners, Barrow said.

Gambia has faced significant security challenges following the fall of Jammeh and currently the country security installations are being secured by the regional troops.

Barrow paid tribute to the ECOWAS Mission in the country saying they were instrumental in helping to secure our democratic transition.

The government is working on reforming the security sector which is closely linked to the delivery of justice and the restoration of our free and fair democracy, he added.

Barrow said since he became president, he had established a panel that reviews wrongful dismissals which has cleared over 100 employees, allowing them to be reinstated.

Source: Anadolu Agency