Future bloc condemns Maameltein crime

NNA – The Future parliamentary bloc condemned on Tuesday the crime of Maameltein, noting that the death of army heroes has resulted from a violation of the law caused by the prevailing security chaos and protected by the holders of illegal weapons.

“The only solution to this phenomenon is to override the prestige of the state and extend the power and sovereignty of the state over all Lebanese territory,” the bloc affirmed in the statement issued at the end the meeting, presided over by bloc leader Fouad Siniora.

MP Ammar Houri who read the communiqué, said that discussions between deputies focused on the latest developments in Lebanon and the region.

According to Houri, the bloc estimates that the cumulative crises require fast solutions to avoid negative influence on the image and prestige of the state.
“This state has emerged as a failed one nearing collapse, while the solution lies in the election of a new President of the Republic after the cessation of the threat of blocking exerted by Iran, Hezbollah and the FPM.”

Regarding the waste crisis, the Future bloc considered that any solution to the crisis must take into account the concept of partnership between the Lebanese.