From imamoglu to Erdogan: We Have Prevented a Wrong Investment of 1.6 Billion

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  • November 11, 2019
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Responding to President Erdogan's criticisms of not sod-cutting ceremony held for a biological purification facility, Istanbul Mayor Imamoglu has said, Preventing a wrong investment of 1.6 million, we will make the right investments at rights points."

Metropolitan Mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu has responded to President and ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Chair Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who criticized him for the "not sod-cutting ceremony" held for a biological purification facility in Istanbul last week.

Announcing that they decided to suspend bidding processes for large projects in the city, Imamoglu stated on November 7 that the project for a wastewater treatment plant, the Silahtaraga Biological Purification Facility, has been suspended as part of their move.

Speaking after the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Council meeting today (November 11), Imamoglu has stated that the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul released a statement for the press about the issue. "We made a tough statement", Imamoglu has said and continued as follows:

"I reckon that when the President reads that statement of ours, he will thank us a lot. Moreover, there are perhaps 20-25-year-old trees planted by himself among over 2 thousand trees on that 70 thousand square meter area.

"He will be glad that these trees have been saved as well. There is a deep technical explanation, to the people of Istanbul. Preventing a wrong investment of almost 1.6 billion, we are proceeding by being an administration that will make the right investments at the right points. Dear President will also be glad about our attitude."

Municipality: It would lead to cutting of 2,000 trees

Releasing a statement about the cancellation of Silahtaraga Biological Purification Facility project on its website, the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul has reminded that "a committee report by a group of academics from Istanbul Technical University (ITA) Department of Environmental Engineering also indicated in detail that there was no need for the project."

Announcing that there are currently other Advanced Biological Purification Facilities planned for other parts of the city, the Municipality has underlined, "This extravagant project of 1.5 billion lira, which is not included in any waste water master plans and found irrelevant, unnecessary and risky, will also lead to the cutting of 2 thousand trees, most of which are monumental trees, in an area, 75 thousand square meters of which is a green space."

What did Erdogan say?

Speaking at the "11 Million Trees: Today a Sapling, Tomorrow a Breath" program in Ankara for "National Forestation Day" today, President Erdogan referred to 'not sod-cutting ceremony' held for the biological purification facility in Silahtaraga in following words:

"Serving is a matter of vision. Some people do not even realize the projects that they find at hand. Some people - just look at this oversight - held a ceremony of "not sod-cutting" for the advanced biological purification facility, whose preparations were completed in the previous period. They are not familiar with sod-cutting and opening ceremonies, anyway.

"I do not go to sod-cutting ceremonies, but to the openings. It is my principle. Just look at what they do: Not sod-cutting ceremony. They held a not sod-cutting ceremony, just as it suits their constitution and character. Serving the country and nation will fall hard on them. That is why, they did what suited them best."

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