France’s Macron announces $433B military budget over 2024-2030

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday proposed a military budget of €400 billion ($433.4 billion) over the next seven years, local media reported.

Macron voiced his yearly wishes to the armies during an official ceremony held at an airbase in southwestern France, according to broadcaster France 24.

He also revealed the details of the Military Programming Law for 2024-2030, under which the army's budget will rise from €295 billion to €400 billion – a one-third increase.

"After mending the armies, we will transform them," Macron said, adding that "greater means are required" to respond to "more brutal wars," likely referring to the nearly one-year-old war on Ukraine.

Macron also said that future efforts will be in proportion to the threats, so increases will be "considerable."

The president also announced his decision to increase the intelligence budget 60% over the same period.

Macron also said efforts to intensify France's nuclear nonproliferation efforts will continue.

The law is set to be presented to parliament in March.

The previous law for the period of 2019-2025 gave the French military a budget of €295 billion.

Source: Anadolu Agency