France bars illuminated advertising in event of threatened power supply

France on Tuesday issued barred the use of illuminated advertising in the event of "a threat to the security of electricity supply."

As part of efforts to conserve energy amid fears of supply shortages, the Ministry of Ecological Transition issued the decree that covers both illuminated or digital illuminated advertising.

A previous decree, published in early October, provided for a blanket nighttime ban on illuminated advertising between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m., with the exception of airports, train stations or subway stops, even if there are no voltages in the power supply network.

The latest measure affects all advertisements, including at airports, train stations, and public transport stops, but without "jeopardizing the objectives of public safety, national defense and the safety of sensitive installations and structures."

It also covers indoor advertising if it is "visible from the public street."

Source: Anadolu Agency