Founder and CEO of LinkSure Danian Chen Named in Fortune’s Chinese Edition Magazine 2016 “40 under 40” List

SINGAPORE, Dec. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — On December 20, the Chinese edition of Fortune announced its list of “40 Under 40” of 2016, the publication’s annual ranking of the most influential young people in business. The founder and CEO of LinkSure, Mr. Danian Chen, is among this outstanding group.

Mr. Chen co-founded Shanda Group together with his elder brother, Mr. Tianqiao Chen, and also led the efforts in establishing Shanda Literature and Shanda Innovations. In 2013, Mr. Chen founded LinkSure in Shanghai to operate “WiFi Master Key” (, a free mobile app that enables people to access the Internet through shared Wi-Fi hotspots, while encourages hotspot owners to share their idle resources with the community.

This product is inspired by the concept of “sharing economy”, and created to bridge the “digital gap” that has widened than ever before. According to statistics of the World Bank, over 4 billion people in the world nowadays have no Internet access.

“The information technology inequality will make it increasingly harder for the poor to have life-changing opportunities. Therefore, we commit ourselves to the WiFi Master Key app and the vision for more people to have free Internet access. We also initiated a project to build Internet network for approximately 1,000 schools in poor mountainous areas, so that the children there will soon have the opportunity to explore the world through the Internet,” Mr. Chen said.

In a short span of three years since LinkSure’s operation, the app has empowered millions of people to change their lives and future with free Internet access. “WiFi Master Key” is one of the top three apps with the largest user base in China, next only to messaging giant apps Wechat and QQ. To date, the app surpassed the 500 million monthly active users milestone, and has a total download volume of over 900 million in over 200 countries. “WiFi Master Key” is also ranked at the top among tools apps on the Google Play store in 49 countries. In August 2016, Tencent officially reported that the volume of “WiFi Master Key” daily new download users has surpassed WeChat and QQ, to become China’s largest daily downloaded app.

As Fortune notes, “We highlight these young people not only because of their companies’ high valuations, but also their efforts for society. These names are leading us into the future,” Mr Danian Chen’s initiatives to grant self actualization through free Internet access explains for this “40 under 40” recognition by Fortune.

WiFi Master Key is a free mobile app operated by LinkSure to enable free Internet access. As of June 2016, the app has 900 million users and 520 million monthly active users. The company sets the record of being one of China’s fastest growing unicorn mobile Internet company to achieve a billion-dollar valuation in 2015, after closing a $52 million Series A funding.

Lydia Chow