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Former World Cup winner Andre Schurrle does trekking on freezing mountains

Former FIFA World Cup champion Andre Schurrle went trekking in freezing mountains.

Many retired footballers turn their hands to coaching or management but not the 32-year-old German.

Schurrle, after training with Dutch motivational speaker and extreme athlete Wim Hof -- nicknamed "the Iceman" due to his ability to withstand low temperatures -- seemed to enjoy snowy mountain air with only his shorts on.

"Day 3 of the Wim Hof experience and up the summit with our beautiful crew!! The hardest mental and physical thing I ever did!" wrote Schurrle on Monday from his official Instagram," The last minutes, I couldn't feel anything and I had to find something deep inside me to keep going! An experience that I will never forget! -19 degrees, 100 km/h wind in our faces, heavy snow and rain! What I learned … My body and I are stronger than I thought. If I put my mind and soul into it, I can do everything."

Despite retiring from professional football quite early, at the age of 29 in 2020, Schurrle chose to push his body limits to different, even some may call extreme, conditions.

While playing for Borussia Dortmund, Andre Schurrle decided to retire from professional football at 29 in July 2020.

The 2014 World Cup winner also enjoyed a sound era with Chelsea, where he bagged the 2015 English Premier League title.

Source: Anadolu Agency