Former London police officer handed 36 life sentences for dozens of sexual offenses

A former London police officer was given 36 life sentences for appalling crimes against women, Metropolitan Police said Tuesday.

David Carrick, 48, who was suspended when he was arrested in October 2021 and officially dismissed last month from the Metropolitan Police, pleaded guilty to dozens of offenses.

"He pleaded guilty to 49 offences against 12 women including 24 counts of rape and further counts of controlling and coercive behaviour, sexual assault and false imprisonment," police said in a statement.

He was sentenced at the Southwark Crown Court following a two-day hearing.

"David Carrick’s crimes were unspeakably evil. The detail is harrowing," said Commissioner Mark Rowley. "We have let down women across London but we are more determined than ever to put it right."

Home Secretary Suella Braverman said the crimes "are a scar" on the country's police.

"I pay tribute to the brave women who have come forward to hold him to account for his vile abuse," she added in a statement.

In late January, Metropolitan Police announced it had set up a Domestic Abuse and Sexual Offending investigation team targeting officers or staff members who may be engaged in domestic abuse or sexual offenses.

Carrick served with the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command of the Metropolitan Police Service.

His crimes occurred between 2003 and 2020, mostly in Hertfordshire where he lived.

Source: Anadolu Agency