Foreign Ministry urges media to consult with it prior to publishing news on deportation of Lebanese from Gulf countries

NNA – Foreign Ministry on Sunday urged the media to consult the ministry before publishing any information relating to the deportation of Lebanese from Gulf countries, in an attempt to contain what the Foreign Ministry considers to be unnecessary “panic among Lebanese communities and public opinion.”

In a statement released Sunday morning, the ministry said it was closely following up on the issue of the Lebanese expelled from Gulf countries, in the context of its commitment to the business of the Lebanese Diaspora.

The statement went on to say that the ministry requested the diplomatic missions in these countries to develop detailed lists containing the names of Lebanese who have been notified of the need to leave the country or whose residencies were not renewed during the last three months.

The statement also denied the “exaggerated” numbers mentioned by the media concerning the Lebanese who were expelled from the GCC, contending that the number was merely 74 Lebanese who lost their livelihoods in the Gulf.