Folk Dances Team Find Asylum in Hungary

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Ankara Kent Çocuk ve Gençlik Halk Dansları Topluluğu Derneği (Association for City Child and Youth Folk Dances Community) was invited to the 5th Folk Dances Farewell to Summer Events to be held from November 5 to 10 in 2017 in Hungary’s capital city of Budapest.

According to Ercan Ata from the Doğan News Agency, the group consisting of 16 people applied to Folk Dances Federation to be able to go abroad.

It was learned that the group acquired grey passport*. The group being provided their passports and notice of duty left Turkey on November 1, 2017 without waiting for November 5 and went to Hungary.

The same association went to Bosnia Herzegovina in July 2017 for an organization and the whole group returned. The federation approved applications of 86 associations and clubs for abroad organizations

However, a striking detail is that the licenses of the group who left for Hungary were all new.

The Ministry of Sport has filed a criminal complaint against the federation and dancers.

*Grey passport is provided to individuals or groups by the state for official mission