FLOOD AND LANDSLIDE IN DÜZCE: Death Toll Increases to Five, 100 Houses Collapse

* Photographs: AA / Murat Küçük (DHA)

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 After a flood and landslide hit Turkey’s western province of Düzce on July 17 and 18, it was announced that three people lost their lives and search and rescue operations for the missing four people were continuing.

It has been reported today that search and rescue teams have reached the deceased bodies of a woman and a child today (July 23). The National Medical Rescue (UMKE) and Düzce Search and Rescue Teams (DAKE) are continuing their operations to find two missing children. The dead body of a child was also found in the district of Akçakoca yesterday.

The search and rescue teams also consider the possibility that the missing people might have been drifted to sea and 213 personnel, 56 vehicles, boats, search and rescue dogs and helicopters participate in the works.

160 thousand 749 animals have died

* Photograph: Murat Küçük / Düzce – DHA

The Governorship of Düzce has also released a statement regarding the flood and landslide that hit the districts of Akçakoca and Cumayeri.

According to the statement, while 160 thousand 749 animals, 160 thousand 500 of which are chickens, have died in the flood and ensuing landslide, 100 buildings have collapsed and 75 thousand buildings have been severely damaged. One thousand 687 farmers have also been affected.

* Photograph: Murat Küçük / Düzce – DHA

While 5,562-decare hazelnut groves have been damaged, 621-decare cornfield and 643 beehives with and without bees have also been harmed in the incident. 2 hen houses, 2 tractors, fishing boats and 2 trout facilities have also reportedly come to damage.

What happened?

After the heavy rainfall that hit Düzce in the evening of July 17 and the night of July 19, the Melen Brook overflew, flooding Cumayeri, Gölkaya and Akçakoca districts and leading to a landslide. Referred to the area for search and rescue operations, the Special Provincial Administration, Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), 112 Emergency Service line as well as fire brigade and gendarmerie officers rescued 227 people, seven people were reported missing. As of 1. 45 p.m. on July 23, five people have lost their lives in the incident and two children are still missing. (AÖ/SD)