Fish species missing for nearly 50 years rediscovered in southeastern Turkiye

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  • January 7, 2022
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Researchers in southeastern Turkiye have rediscovered a critically endangered fish unseen by human eyes for nearly 50 years.

After finding the striped loach (Paraschistura chrysicristinae) anew, Cuneyt Kaya, a biologist specializing in fisheries at Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, and Munevver Oral, a research fellow at the same university in the southeastern Batman province, told reporters Friday that it is one of the world’s 10 most wanted fish species.

Sharing the joy of discovery, Kaya said: "It was a very happy moment indeed. Our next goal is to protect this fish and pass it on to future generations."

He said the tiny yellow-and-brown striped fish "lives in a very narrow zone" and is still very much an endangered species.

"We plan to do awareness-raising activities in the region to protect this fish," he added.

"We discovered a fish species that has been missing for about 47 years and for a long time was thought extinct," said Oral, adding that they genetically distinguished the loach from similar species.

Confirming that their research shows the striped loach has long existed in nature and in fact, did not die off, Oral said it may have slipped under the radar as scientists were using the wrong equipment or possibly it disappeared in the waters of a local dam.

Meanwhile, local official Murat Mete said the striped loach’s rediscovery will create new awareness in the field of biodiversity.

Saying that the finding made waves abroad, Mete underlined his continuing support for Kaya and Oral's research

Source: Anadolu Agency