First Lady Erdogan hosts luncheon for women ambassadors

First Lady Emine Erdogan hosted a luncheon for women ambassadors and spouses of ambassadors at the Presidential Complex as part of the 11th Ambassadors' Conference.

Delivering a speech during the luncheon, First Lady Erdogan, drawing attention to the importance of conveying in an accurate way the progress Turkey has made in the recent years, said: Cultural diplomacy is one of the most efficient means at this point. I am of the belief that it is very important for us to address this issue more than ever.

Pointing to manipulations targeting Turkey's political stance, First Lady Erdogan underscored that houses of worship are attacked at different parts of the world, and differences are sought to be wiped off the face of the world while the Syriac Orthodox Mor Efrem Church's groundbreaking in Istanbul was held by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in person.

Source: Presidency of the Republic Of Turkey