FEBRUARY 21 MOTHER TONGUE DAY: Justice for Everyone and Every Language

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Since the day it was launched, bianet has treated the people’ use of their mother tongue and the right to education in mother tongue as a priority. On every February 21, bianet has reported on the statements and demonstrations on the occasion of the Mother Tongue Day.

We picked “justice” as this year’s theme. We repeated the demand for “justice for everyone and every language” in Armenian, Laz language, Georgian, Adyghean, Greek, Pontus Greek, Ladino, Assyrian and Turkish.


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Kenan Yaşar (Georgian), Yağmur Poyraz (Laz language), Apolas Lermi (Pontus Greek), Lara Narin (Armenian), Lezgin Akan (Kurdish), Şeli Goan (Ladino), Ferhat Tunç (Zazaki), Stella Karax (Greek), members of the Uzuntarla Adige Cultural Association (Adyghean) and the Peace Academics (Turkish). (HA/HK/VK)