Explosion on self-governing British dependency Jersey island kills 3

At least three people have died following an explosion and fire at a block of flats in St. Helier, the capital of the self-governing British dependency on the island of Jersey, local press said on Saturday.

Local reports claim that several other people were reported missing after the "devastating" explosion flattened the block.

Earlier, Robin Smith, the chief officer of the States of Jersey police, said the scene of the blast was "devastating" and that there could be more deaths.

He also said he expected the searches to take "a number of days."

"We have a three-story building that has completely collapsed – described from a demolition point of view as a pancake that has dropped almost straight down," he said.

"There is also damage to a nearby building as well, another block of flats that the fire service needs to make safe. It is a pretty devastating scene; I regret to say."

Meanwhile, Jersey's gas supplier, Island Energy, said it is working with the fire department to find out the exact reason for the incident.

Source: Anadolu Agency