Evrensel Correspondent Cemil Uğur Arrested

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Evrensel daily correspondent Cemil Uğur has been arrested on charges of “[illegal] organization membership” and “[illegal] organization propaganda”.

Evrensel Mersin province correspondents Halil İbrahim Polat and Cemil Uğur were detained as they were reporting of “Freedom Watch” in Mersin on August 23, and the released on probation after being kept in detention for 16 days.

Going to the police station to get permission due to the probation to leave the province, Uğur learned that there is an arrest warrant on him. Being brought to Mersin Courthouse yesterday (October 6), Uğur

Statement by Evrensel

In his statement upon arrest of their correspondent Uğur, Evrensel daily Editor-in-Chief Fatih Polat said there is a confidentiality order on the file and the attorneys will object to the decision today.

“Those who got our friend arrested by inventing a crime for reporting of an incident which they don’t like, shall know that Evrensel is not and will never be a newspaper that will take it slow when its correspondent is arrested.

“We will monitor this process to the end and get our friend out of there not before too late. People’s right to information and freedom of the press will prevail!” (ÇT/TK)