European Council head calls for new ‘Energy Union’ amid crisis

The European Council president urged on Friday to set up a new “Energy Union” to tackle the energy crisis the EU faces.


Charles Michel, who chairs the summits of EU leaders and represents the EU in diplomatic relations, released a video statement about Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian regions.


In line with the bloc’s position, he strongly condemned the “sham” referendums and rejected recognizing the annexation of Ukraine’s Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson regions by Russia.


He also accused Moscow of launching an “energy missile” at Europe, “targeting the heart of our economic and social system” and causing “severe” damage.


“Every household in Europe is affected by soaring energy bills and supermarket receipts,” Michel said.


To tackle the long-lasting impact of this crisis that has already created a “new world,” he suggested developing a new “Energy Union” with a common strategy.


“There is no alternative if we want to guarantee security of supply, affordable prices, and the climate transition,” he argued.


EU leaders will hold next week an informal summit in the Czech capital Prague.


The energy and economic crisis will be one of the main points on the agenda after inflation, electricity and gas prices reached historic heights in the bloc due to the war in Ukraine and Russia’s halt of supplying gas to the continent.


Source: Anadolu Agency