Erdogan: We are Going to US in a Troubled Period

In the wake of rising tension between Turkey and US over Turkey's Operation Peace Spring and Trump's letter, President Erdogan has set out for Washington. Speaking ahead of his visit, he said, We are making the visit in a troubled period.

President and ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Chair Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the reporters before leaving Turkey for the US to meet President Donald Trump in Washington on November 13.

The visit is taking place amid rising tension between the countries over Turkey's "Operation Peace Spring" into northern Syria and Trump's letter to Erdogan, which has caused controversy both in Turkey and abroad. Analysts expect that possible US sanctions against Turkey are likely to be brought back into the agenda after the meeting in the US.

Addressing the reporters before his departure today (November 12), Erdogan said, "We are making the visit in a troubled period."

Indicating that "they will discuss the issue of Syria at length," President Erdogan made the following remarks in brief:

'A period of serious panic has begun'

"We have started to send DEASH members back to their countries. A period of serious rush and panic has begun. It was us who thought about it till today; from then on, let them think about it themselves.

"We will find the opportunity to talk [with Trump] about the recent stage that we have come with the Operation Peace Spring.

"We will tell them to approach the YPG just how they approach other terrorist organizations like DEASH.

"We will explain to him with documents that it is wrong for them to meet terrorists such as Ferhat Abdi Sahin, we will present all terrorist activities of this terrorist head with their pictures and documents.

"We will also tell him that the agreement has not been completely fulfilled.

'We are on the same page with Trump'

"We are on the same page with Trump about the resolution of problems and restoration of relations. We made progress about several issues till now.

"As part of this visit, we will first make a narrow-scoped meeting as two leaders, then we will make a meeting with delegations and hold a comprehensive press conference afterwards.

"It is not possible to say that terrorist organizations have withdrawn from northern Syria. They are in Manbij, Tal Rifat and and Tel Abyad. Neither Russia, nor the US could clear the terrorist organizations at the hours and days they promised. We will discuss this first with Dear Trump, then with Dear Putin after we get back.

'Turkey is not one of those countries that you know'

"The EU forgets something. When I look at the ones on duty at the EU, I see that most of them are new and they approach the issues with the boldness stemming from this newness.

"(To the EU) You have already been sanctioning us for years. You have not kept a single promise that you gave to Turkey. Hey, the European Union, Turkey is not one of those countries that you have known know so far.

"That we are at the negotiation table now is not our concern, these negotiations can end at any time. You should review the attitude that you have taken towards a country which has 4 million refugees in its country.

"I have said it before: These doors will open. The DEASH members have begun to be sent to you, they will be sent. You will take care of yourselves after that. Do not try to threaten Turkey about Cyprus, we will not leave it to you, we will proceed on our way."

Source: English Bianet