Erdogan again targeted the HDP:’y They will pay the price Erd

President Erdogan targeted HDP through MP Saliha Aydeniz, who started an investigation and said: hedef We will ask for your account, they will pay the price Cumhurbaskani.Speaking at a rally in Bursa as part of the local election campaign, Erdogan's HDP deputy also described him as a edi member of a terrorist organization mensup and used the words da Kandil receives support from the HDP Yerel.

In order to draw attention to the HDP Hakkari deputy, Leyla Guven, who was on hunger strike demanding the removal of isolation from PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, the deputies who wanted to walk to Diyarbakir from various cities were taken to police circle and prevented. HDP MPs Saliha Aydeniz, who was squeezed against the police and the blockade, was targeted by the government on the grounds that the police had bitten the arm and an investigation was opened against them. Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and Aydeniz said, Ay Do you know who she is? The woman carrying the terrorists by the ambulance, TerAlr he pointed out.

"Threats, target demonstrations will not step back to us," Aydeniz said. In spite of all the work done so far; we still stand for democracy, justice, peace and equality. We will continue to struggle for this, Bun he said.

Source: Initiative for Freedom of Expression