Diyarbakır Bar Association Calls for Effective Investigation into ‘Armored Vehicle Hits’

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  • April 12, 2018
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Diyarbakır Bar Association has issued a statement regarding the condition of the 4-year old S.K., whose foot was amputated after an armored vehicle hit him in the district of Silopi in Turkey’s southeastern province of Şırnak and whose mother Nesrin K. was also injured during the incident.

Emphasizing that the frequency of such incidents has increased, the association has announced that they will continue their struggle for the legal remedies within legal boundaries:

“The fact that rights violations resulting in injuries and deaths caused by armored vehicles gradually increasing has been worrying us as rights defenders as well as the public. We call the authorities to duty for an effective investigation and announce that we will make every endeavour within legal boundaries so that the trial processes will not end in impunity in such incidents caused by the State of Emergency practices prevailing in our country and the resulting extreme security policies.”

4-year old child was injured

CLICK – Child Injured by Armored Vehicle Hitting on Parliamentary Agenda

An armored vehicle hit Nesrin K. and her 4-year old son S.K., who were crossing Hastane Street located in Yenişehir Neighborhood in district of Silopi, Şırnak on April 7, 2018. Taken to District State Hospital, Nesrin K. was discharged whereas 4-year-old S.K.’s foot was amputated. Eyewitnesses told that the armored vehicle was going fast and escaped from the scene right after the crash.

23 people including eight children died in one year

According to a report by the Human Rights Association’s Rights Violations Report 2017, 23 people eight of whom were children were killed by armored vehicle or civilian police vehicle hitting; 26 people including six children, one police and three soldiers were injured by armored vehicle crashing. (AS/SD)