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Diamond of the Metaverse Start-up,, launches at GITEX Dubai

New NFT start-up set to shine at exclusive Dubai event, as 1 billion digital diamonds come to the metaverse.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Serial tech entrepreneur and metaverse designer, Daniel Jaramillo’s NFT start-up,, has come out of stealth mode at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai as he launches the first of its kind, 1 billion asset diamond NFT project. will be kicking off this one-of-a-kind project with an invite only access to its diamond-powered community RXXO. Members of RXXO will be able to experience never-before-seen NFT use cases and integrations, redefining the open metaverse by creating the first universal metaverse-native object that is ‘cryptangible’, as Jaramillo explains:

“Cryptangibility is a metaverse native object that only exists in the digital world and is not backed by any physical assets. This creates novel types of digital interactions and social engagement, enabling digital assets to be part of our everyday lives.” has secured one million USD ($1m) in a pre-launch deal with AI-powered biopharma SaaS company, LARVOL, led by Bruno Larvol, the first CEO to complete 365 days working solely from VR. Larvol, is excited to be a Co-Founder as well as one of the early investors in the project. “I love the metaverse and the endless opportunities that surround it, whether for work or for pleasure and I’m excited to see where Daniel and his team take”

With most other NFT collections topping just 10,000 variations such as Bored Apes and Crypto Punks, no other collection comes close to the scale of RXXO Diamonds, of which all 1bn diamonds will be dropping into the metaverse over the rest of the century. In addition, being committed to sustainability, claims to be the first ‘carbon negative, health positive’ project of the metaverse. It has secured forest plots in Colombia, is working on partnerships with carbon-offsetting initiatives, and is donating a portion of its revenue to medical research. will be dropping a genesis collection to kick off sales in the coming months, details of which will be shared on their Discord server. And, for some lucky Future Blockchain Summit goers who stop by the booth, they’ll be in for a chance of winning either physical or digital diamonds.

“As our ecosystem and partnerships continue to grow, the RXXO Diamond owners will be able to wear diamonds in AR and on avatars as well as utilize and earn them in games. RXXO Diamonds are vehicles for creating shared experiences in the metaverse.” Jaramillo concluded.

About is a BVI-based company that replicates the real-world diamond supply. To be released over the rest of the century, leverages NFT technology to create the first, truly massive collection of unique assets. | Twitter | Discord | LinkedIn


Established in 2004, LARVOL provides the biopharmaceutical industry with AI-powered data and intelligence solutions. Through its real-time, customized data platform, LARVOL enables medical affairs, competitive intelligence, commercial, and R&D teams to be fully informed and in turn make quicker and better decisions. | Twitter: @Larvol | LinkedIn: @Larvol


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