Delivery of Second S-400 Battery Completed

The Ministry of National Defense has announced that the final parts of second battery of the missile defense system arrived at Murted Airbase in the capital Ankara.

The final parts of the second battery of S-400 air defense system have arrived in Ankara, the Ministry of National Defense said yesterday (September 15).

Noting that the delivery process for the second S-400 battery started on August 27, the ministry said the transfer was completed at Murted Airbase on Sunday.

The delivery of the first battery equipment began on July 12 and was completed on July 25. The system is projected to get operational in April 2020, the ministry said.

Currently, the installation of the system is underway and Turkey's military personnel are being trained in Russia on the use of the system.

Turkey signed a contract with Russia in April 2017 to acquire the S-400 anti-missile systems.

What is the S-400?

It is a short, middle and long-range air defense missile system, the second generation after the S-300s.

It can destroy tactical planes, strategic bombers, ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets and all other modern air weapons. The system can monitor 300 targets simultaneously and can ready its missiles to launch in three minutes.

The Russian Armed Forces put the S-400s into service in 2007. China and Belarus later integrated the missiles into their air defense systems. Turkey has become the fourth country to own the S-400s.

Source: English Bianet