Curfew Declared in 16 Villages in Diyarbakır

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Curfew was declared in 16 villages in Hani and Lice districts of Diyarbakır today (October 25).

The villages places under curfew as of  October 25, 4 a.m. are as follows:

* Lice district: Şenlik, Birlik, Ergınköy, Tuzlaköy, Abalı, Çeper, Yamaçlı, Kıralan, Dernek, Daralan and Duruköy villages;.

* Hani district: Topçular, Yukarı Turalı, Kalaba, Uzunlar and Serenköy villages.

Announcing that curfew was declared in 16 villages, Diyarbakır Governorship in its statement also noted that operations would be launched in mountainous and rural areas of these villages where “senior executives of the Separatist Terrorist Organization (BTÖ) were considered to operate”.

The Governorship has not yet announced how long the curfew would last. (ÇT/DG)