Court Unanimously Rejects Appeal Against Release Verdict for Demirta?

A court gave a release verdict for the former HDP co-chair on September 2.

An objection by Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office to the release verdict for Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) former co-chair Sehalattin Demirtas has been rejected.

Ankara 19th Heavy Penal Court ruled on September 2 for the release Demirtas, who has been behind bars since November 2016. Demirtas will continue to stay in prison as he was convicted in another case in December 2018.

The prosecutor appealed the release verdict after the hearing. Ankara 20th Heavy Penal Court, the upper court, rejected the objection in a unanimous vote.

"The justification of the interim verdict of the Ankara 19th Heavy Penal Court has no aspect against the procedures and the law," the court said in its ruling.

Source: English Bianet