Conscience and Justice Watch at Galatasaray Square Banned

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The Conscience and Justice Watch, which was to be held at Galatasaray Square in the district of Beyoğlu in İstanbul on September 2 by the relatives of the ones who have lost their lives in occupational homicides, has been banned in its 75th month.

The families who came to Galatasaray Square to stand the Conscience and Justice Watch were prevented by the security forces. The watch of the families was banned by the District Governorship. The families stated that they would object to the ban.

On August 25, the police intervened in the 700th rally of the Saturday Mothers/People and detained 47 people by battering them. On September 1, Saturday Mothers/People confronted police barricade at Galatasaray Square in their 701st week. Not allowing the sit-in protest, the police closed all roads leading to Galatasaray Square with barricades.

1,103 occupational homicides in 7 months

According to the Occupational Homicides Report of the Laborers’ Health and Occupational Safety (İSİG) Assembly, at least 1,103 people lost their lives in occupational homicides in Turkey in the first seven months of 2018. (BK/SD)