Communist Party activist Hassan Saad released on bail

NNA – Single Panel Judge in Sidon, Nadine al-Kari, on Thursday released the Communist Party activist, Hassan Saad, on bail worth L.L400,000, in the wake of a hearing session at Sidon’s Justice Palace against the backdrop of deprecating the president of the republic, the Speaker and the Prime Minister in a post on Facebook.

In parallel with the hearing session, a number of activists of the Communist Party and the “Democratic Youth” Union staged a sit-in outside the Justice Palace in Sidon, where they raised banners calling for “the release of Saad and safeguarding freedom of opinion and expression as stipulated by the Lebanese constitution.”

Saad was summoned on Saturday to the Mohammed Zougheib Military Barracks in Sidon, where he was interrogated on what he wrote, and referred to Adloun division to stand trial.

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