Columnist Dismissed From Daily Posta After Posting a Tweet on Circulation of Hürriyet

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  • February 26, 2019
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After posting a message on Twitter regarding circulation of Hürriyet newspaper, Prof. Dr. Teoman Cem Kadıoğlu, a columnist for the Posta newspaper, has been dismissed from the newspaper, where he has been preparing the health column for 15 years.

Prof. Dr. Kadıoğlu, who is also a lecturer at the Department of Urology at Medical School of İstanbul University, wrote on Twitter on February 24:

“The real number of Hürriyet newspaper issues sold by newspaper vendors in İstanbul is 28,000 and the total number across Turkey is 60,000. Can the fall to these figures be solely blamed on social media and digital revolution?”

“It is as if everyday was a feast in the country”

Sharing another message on the same day, Kadıoğlu said,

“On feast days in the past, a single newspaper used to be published, columnists from all newspapers wrote on that newspaper. It is as if everyday was a feast in the country now; newspapers are published with the same headlines, their content and comments are all the same…”

“How sorry I am!”

Sharing his first tweet again yesterday (February 25), Kadıoğlu wrote,

“After this tweet of mine, my articles on Posta newspaper, for which I have been uninterruptedly writing for the last 15 years, have been ended. How sorry I am…!”

Reminding that the same circulation numbers were previously reported in the news, Kadıoğlu also emphasized that Fatih Altaylı, a columnist for the HaberTürk newspaper, also shared the same figures on a TV program.

Posta and Hürriyet purchased by Demirören Media Group

Posta newspaper, for which Kadıoğlu has been writing for 15 years, and Hürriyet newspaper along with a number of other media organs were sold to Demirören Media Group by Doğan Media Group on March 22, 2018.

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Click to read – About Demirören Group

With this purchase, in addition to Milliyet and Vatan newspapers, Demirören Media Group has also come to own the newspapers Hürriyet, Posta, Fanatik and Hürriyet Daily News.

After this purchase, the ownership of Doğan Media Group’s news agencies, TV channels, magazines, radio broadcasters, production companies and digital TV platforms has been transferred to Demirören Media Group.

What do the announced circulation figures say?

According to the data shared by (circulation of newspapers), the country-wide circulation of daily Hürriyet was 270 thousand 371 on February 24 while that of Posta was 181 thousand 994.

When the period before the newspapers were sold to Demirören Media Group is considered, the figures announced by Medyatava website show that the average circulation of Hürriyet newspaper was 317 thousand 468 on March 12-18, 2018, one week before the purchase. During the same week, 239 thousand 462 issues of daily Posta were sold on average.

When we look at the oldest circulation figures that we can reach online, we see that in the week of February 21- 28, 2011, eight years ago, the average circulation of Hürriyet was 454 thousand 644 while that of daily Posta was announced as 491 thousand 813 by Medyatava.

* It is not known how many of these numbers belong to subscription, sales made by newspaper vendors or distribution.