Climate activists occupy Finance Ministry building in Germany

A group of climate activists occupied Germany’s Finance Ministry building on Monday, demanding the cancellation of debts of low and middle-income southern countries.

“We need debt relief for the countries of the Global South. The history of climate emissions shows that the Global North is responsible for the climate disaster,” one of the activists said in a video he posted on social media during the protest.

Several activists glued themselves to the reception desk as they requested a meeting with Finance Minister Christian Lindner.

Other activists unfurled a banner from the balcony of the ministry building that read: “Debt is murdering people in the Global South. Cancel the debt! “

One activist said Germany, as one of the richest countries of the Global North, bears huge responsibility for the southern countries.

“In the IMF, Germany has the fourth largest voting power, and they could actually lead their way in pushing for canceling this debt,” he said.

The protest action was organized by the members of Debt for Climate and Scientist Rebellion movements.

Source: Anadolu Agency