Climate activist Greta Thunberg carried away by police during anti-coal protest in Germany

Climate activist Greta Thunberg on Sunday was detained by police during an anti-coal mining protest in Germany, German daily Bild reported.

Thunberg was taken away by police in the German village of Luetzerath, where protesters are trying to save the village from being destroyed by a coal mine.

She was hauled away from the protest by two armored police officers, but was not seen being handcuffed.

Speaking at the protests on Saturday, the famed Swedish activist claimed that Germany is "embarrassing itself" and added: "I think it's absolutely absurd that this is happening in 2023."

Thunberg was one of the many demonstrators who flocked to the location on Saturday, which has come to represent opposition to fossil fuels.

She apparently returned on Sunday and was among the final demonstrators evacuated from the area, amid criticism of what some called a heavy-handed police crackdown.

Source: Anadolu Agency