Civilians Enter Afrin City Center

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As “Operation Olive Branch” launched by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in cooperation with Free Syrian Army (FSA) against into Afrin on January 20 enters its 52nd day, TAF and FSA forces are 3-4 kilometers away from Afrin city center, according to the official sources in Turkey.

Sources in the region announced that the civilians started to migrate to Afrin city center due to escalating bombardment.

On the other hand, Ezidi Press reported that village of Qibar located in northwest of Afrin has been captured by the TAF and FSA. “Historical Ezidi village attempted to be destroyed by jihadists for years has now been captured by jihadists (FSA is referred) again with the help of a NATO member”, the report stated.

Kurdish Red Cross: There are 1 million civilians in Afrin

Working in the region, Kurdish Red Cross called on the United Nations via a video they released yesterday (March 11) for the ceasefire to be put into practice.

Kurdish Red Cross in its statement said that there are 1 million civilians in Afrin, and especially children’s lives are in danger, and added that the phone lines have been cut because of the bombing of two GSM operator centers and water has been cut off since Sunday.

Those who gather in Munbij are going to Afrin

According to Mezopotamya Agency, thousands of people living in various areas in Northern Syria have met in Munbij to go to Afrin to support the people in the city.

Civilian death toll is 204, according to SOHR

The civilian death toll in Afrin is 204, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Nine civilians lost their lives in Turkish borders as a result of the missile attacks launched on Reyhanlı during the operation. (PT/TK)


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