Chuck Todd used by Donald Trump for free advertising and to set the narrative (VIDEO) (16779)

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  • August 17, 2015
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Chuck Todd Donald Trump

Donald Trump ran rings around Chuck Todd

Donald Trump used NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd as a free 15+ minute commercial to set his own narrative. Donald Trump was a bastion of unchallenged misinformation as Chuck Todd appeased him, question after question, answer after answer.

There were no substantive questions. In fact the entire 15+ minute interview  was shrunk to just over the 3 minute video clip in this post. There were no questions on billionaires hiding money overseas. There were no substantive social safety net questions. There were no questions on the under taxation of the wealthy. There were no income inequality or wealth disparity questions.

There were the silly questions about birthirism and other childish issues. Chuck Todd entertained an answer referring to mass deportation without any substantial moral push back.

When asked where he got his military advise from, Donald Trump said he got it from TV shows. Chuck Todd did not rip him for that. He would have ripped any Democrat or Progressive with such an insidious answer. He should have done the job of a journalist.

Donald Trump alluded to going back to war in the Middle East. He spoke about taking Middle Eastern oil to support the families of those American soldiers that would be killed. In other words he spoke about the American soldiers as commodities to protect the Plutocracy with a pittance for the sacrifice. Chuck Todd simply said that it seemed Trump would have American forces be mercenaries and the police force of the world. He never discussed the morality of the statement.

All in all, Meet the Press once again was used by the Right Wing to give a dangerous narrative plausibility. There was nothing in Donald Trump’s words that spoke to the middle-class. In fact, on the minimum wage he said it should stay where it is. Bernie Sanders continues to look better by the second as his narrative continues to be the middle-class.