CHP MP: We Must See Italy, Take Action on Vaccines

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Main opposition Republican People's Party's (CHP) Ankara MP and Party Assembly Member Gamze Taşcıer has submitted a law proposal on preventing anti-vaccination to the parliament.

Saying that the most important responsibility of the state is to protect the public health, she made the following remarks:

"As the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) indicates, the relevant article of the Constitution and the Convention on the Rights of the Child say that the state is obliged to protect the child's best interest. Since vaccination is a protective health service that protects the child's and the society's health, the state has responsibilities in terms of encouraging vaccination."

"Government of Italy took action"

In Italy, the Ministry of Health took steps in vaccination after the cases of measles sharply increased last year. Taşcıer said, "In Italy, the government took action after the cases of measles increased. Children up to the age of 6 years who do not have official documents of vaccination will not be let into kindergartens and daycare centers. Thus, both vaccination is encouraged and children are protected."

"A threat against public health"

Saying that parents who are influenced by rumors that are not based on scientific facts and data do not vaccinate their kids, Taşcıer stated, "This situation is a threat against public health. The problem is to individualistically think that there is a 'right to not vaccinating the child.' However, not vaccinating a child endangers all the children's health. No one has such a right."

Taşcıer said that she submitted the letter to prevent anti-vaccination and its possible effects on public health. (AÖ/VK)


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