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  • June 19, 2019
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* Image: Poster of Chernobyl TV series

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Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Mersin MP Alpay Antmen held a statement for the press in Parliament regarding Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant today (June 18) and displayed the poster of Chernobyl TV series by changing its title from Chernobyl to Akkuyu.

“As you know, there is a popular TV series by HBO, its name is Chernobyl,” Antmen said and continued as follows:

‘Will our children watch it in TV series?’

“The series features the nuclear catastrophe that took place in Chernobyl. It also features the government of the time and the responsible parties.

“But, God forbid, years later, will the HBO also make another TV series on a possible nuclear catastrophe that could occur in Akkuyu? Will the next generations watch it in TV series how Mersin was turned into hell, instead of seeing it with their own eyes how peaceful a place it is?

“Because, if a nuclear reactor explodes in Akkuyu in the future, unfortunately, the ones who are burnt rather than the ones who constructed it will pay the price for it. Stop this project, stop this construction so that someone will not make a TV series on a catastrophe that could occur there.”

“Do not let Mersin become Chernobyl,” Antmen further emphasized.

Antmen referred to cracks in Akkuyu power plant

In his statement for the press, Antmen also reminded the journalists that there were cracks in some parts of the foundation, upon which the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant would be constructed, and though the related parts were completely renewed, other cracks have appeared afterwards.

“They can in no way give a guarantee that no other cracks will open or an accident will not occur when the nuclear power plant starts operating”, Mersin MP Antmen indicated further.

About Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant which is currently under development in Akkuyu, Büyükeceli in Turkey’s eastern Mediterranean province of Mersin. It is expected to be the country’s first nuclear power plant.

In May 2010, Russia and Turkey signed an agreement that a subsidiary of Rosatom would build, own, and operate a power plant at Akkuyu comprising four 1,200 MW VVER units. The agreement was ratified by the Parliament of Turkey in July 2010. Engineering and survey work started at the site one year later.

The official launch ceremony of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant took place in April 2015. Major construction started in March 2018 and the first unit is expected to become operational in 2023. The other three units are expected to be completed by the year 2025. In March 2019, the concrete basemate of Unit 1 was completed.

* Source: Wikipedia