Chinese Envoy for Syria: Political dialogue is the only solution in Syria, no double standards in fighting terrorism

NNA – China’s Special Envoy for Syria, Ambassador Xie Xiaoyan stressed Thursday that any final and proper solution to the crisis in Syria can only be reached through political dialogue and coming to solutions that take into account the interests of all sides.

In a press conference held at Damascus-based Four Seasons Hotel, the Chinese Envoy said the Chinese side calls for pushing forward the political solution through four parallel tracks, fighting terrorism, ceasefire, delivering humanitarian assistance and the political process.

He stressed that this stance has been met with appreciation and support from all the Syrian and international parties.

He added that China was one of the first countries to have proposed ideas on a political solution in Syria, adding that Beijing has always called for solutions that are implementable and acceptable to all parties through a political process led by the Syrian people and on the basis of preserving the sovereignty and independence of Syria and its territorial unity.

The Chinese Envoy noted that the escalation of recent events in Syria has made the international community and the various parties exert more efforts, which have faced some obstacles, affirming that adherence to the political solution is a common interest to all the parties and the only realistic way out.

Xiaoyan noted that the aim of his visit to Syria for the second time is to listen to the points of view and ideas of everyone on the developments of the situation in Syria and how to push forward the political solution, particularly during this period.

He expressed his confidence in reaching a suitable solution for the crisis if all parties in the region and international community show restraint and continue to make unremitting efforts for the success of the political process, expressing China’s readiness to work with the international community to achieve security and stability in the region.

Responding to journalists’ questions, the Chinese Envoy opposes the adoption of double or multiple standards regarding the fight against terrorism, pointing out that all terrorist organizations must be firmly targeted, particularly those listed on the UN blacklist.–SANA News Agency

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