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‘China Virus’: Health Authority Warns Companies at ?stanbul Airport

People suspected to have the virus will be put under quarantine immediately, according to the measures.

As the number of deaths caused by the new "China virus" increased to four, authorities have begun to take precautions against the virus at Istanbul Airport.

The General Directorate of Health for Borders and Coasts has urged airlines that have flights from China and ground service companies to take precautions.

It briefed company officers on the actions to be taken in case of encountering a passenger who is suspected to be infected from the virus. Accordingly, health officers with special clothing would immediately put suspected persons in quarantine. They would be then sent to medical institutions.

The World Health Organization might release an emergency declaration after the meeting it will hold tomorrow (January 22). Apart from China, two cases in Thailand, one case in Japan, and one case in South Korea have been seen so far.

Source: English Bianet