Call for Sanctioning Turkey at European Parliament

Party group leaders at the European Parliament have requested economic sanctions against Turkey. We need to consider economic measures, says European People's Party (EPP) Group Chair Manfred Weber.

The party group chairs at the European Parliament (AP) have made a call for economic sanctions against Turkey over its "Operation Peace Spring" launched into northern Syria on October 9 and paused for 120 hours.

European People's Party (EPP) Group Chair Manfred Weber has tweeted that "the European Commission condemnation of the illegal invasion of northern Syria is not strong enough" and added, "Turkey is attacking our allies in the fight against ISIS. Turkey needs to understand that its actions are unacceptable. This is why we need to consider economic measures."

'Its access to internal market should be prevented'

Speaking at the EP building in Strasbourg, France today (October 22), Weber put forward a series of sanctions that could be imposed against Turkey, including the prevention of the country from accessing the EU internal market and suspension of its Customs Union membership.

As reported by Deutsche Welle, Iratxe Garcia, the group chair of Social Democrats at the AP, also complained that the leaders of the European Union (EU) countries did not agree on a concrete measure against Turkey after the EU leaders summit last week.

No joint decision for arms embargo

After the EU leaders' summit, the prime ministers and presidents of EU countries condemned Turkey's operation into northern Syria and called on the country to end the operation.

However, no joint decision has been taken by the countries to impose an arms embargo on the country. The decision has been left to the initiative of individual member countries.

Source: English Bianet