Cage for Dogs Enforcement at City Line Ferries Ends

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Upon public reaction, the City Line has announced that the dogs will be let inside the ferry without a cage on the condition of putting a muzzle on.

The City Line in its statement said “The pets without a cage will be accepted to the ferries outside of the passenger rooms on the condition of being put a muzzle on”.

In June, a dog named Sushi (8) was not allowed to stay at an İstanbul Sea Buses (İDO) car ferry in the vehicle of people whom he lived together and was put into the cage in pet area. Sushi had lost his life during the 2-hour voyage.

Sushi’s death sparked reactions in public and a petition was launched on Internet for the cage enforcement to be ended.

Even though the City Line announced today that the pets will be allowed without a cage, in the Frequently Asked Questions section of its website it still reads “Pets can be brought to ferries as long as they are in their cages”. (ÇT/TK)