Buss camp leaders vent anger at UNRWA

NNA – Buss refugee camp leaders; have been venting deep anger at UNRWA’s decision to curtail medical and educational assistance to Palestinian refugee residents of Lebanon today.

Marking the DFLP’s 47th anniversary, Abou-Baschar Nimr of the Df’s Politbureau has urged the refugees to escalate moves designed to pressure UNRWA and donor states into retracting from further squeezing of Palestinian livelihood under false tight budget pretexts; Nimr also urged the leadership in Ramallah to reconsider the whole modality of Palestinian national action by halting all forms of security collaboration between the PA and Israeli occupation authorities; The DFLP official has called among other things for referring the colonial settler dossier in the occupied West Bank before the International Court of Justice as a means of laying siege to the occupier as he said.

He duly urged the PLO to lend whole hearted support to Palestinian refugees evicted from Damascus camp of Yarmouk.

Taking the word, senior PLO official Salah Youssef while urging Fateh and Hamas to heal their rift by directing all energies towards averting the Judaization of Jerusalem, also called for strict neutrality in Arab Affairs; He however reiterated need for addressing Palestinian refugee issues in a humanitarian fashion in what he termed as “a bid to thwart the plot of permanent resettling of refugees.

The PLO official underscored the political rather than the purely financial nature of UNRWA crisis by summing up necessity for escalating popular moves so that UNRWA retracts from or ends its measures.